Signature/Symbol Pillows

Lauren had a unique signature that was all her own.  To her name she added a heart/cross symbol, her design, and often signed letters and notes in that fashion.  Friends and family wanted “something” tangible of hers, besides their memories of her love and laughter, to remember her by.  A forever friend of Lauren’s Mom, who makes beautiful hand-made fabric products, suggested to make a pillow with Lauren’s signature and with the heart/cross symbol that was after her name.  A wonderful idea was born and it was decided to make these gorgeous hand-made pillows as a fundraiser for LAF.

LAF Signature Pillow


LAF Signature / Symbol Pillows









The larger “Signature” Pillow, appx. 24″ x 12″, is $100 with $25 going into the Foundation.

The smaller “Symbol” Pillow, appx. 12″ x 12″, is $50 with $15 going into the Foundation.

The maker of these pillows, Kelly Barnett, will do her best to find fabric’s in the colors of your home/dorm/office decor.  The “Symbol” Pillow would make a great gift for anyone…maybe a beautiful bride, dear friend, special neighbor or someone going through a trial who needs the “inspiration of faith” that the symbol reminds you of.

To see more samples.

Please contact Kelly Barnett at:

Gober Girls with LAF Pillow #2

Giselle with her pink heart/cross “Symbol” pillow.


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