“Loving for her was as easy as breathing”

Two years ago today our world turned upside down and it has never righted itself since.  There are days it is hard to smile…feel joy…put one foot in front of the other.  Our hearts ache and we still cry over our loss and always will.  Yes…the pain is still there…it is less raw….but it will never go away.  It would be so easy to crawl in a hole or the bed and never get out of it.  But Lauren would not want any of us to do that.  She would want us to remember her and “Smile, Open our eyes, Love and Go on.”  She was full of love and life and so we try to be for her.  There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think of Lauren… her smile, her laughter, her reaching out to others, her love of life.  “Loving for her was as easy as breathing” a special friend of her’s told us after her passing.

Today we intend to “smile, love and go on” and perform random acts of kindness in her memory.  We hope you will too and if you do please tell us in a comment on this post…it would warm our hearts.



12 thoughts on ““Loving for her was as easy as breathing”


  2. Thinking of you all today and of your precious Lauren! She was such a beautiful person both inside and out and is certainly greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved her!!
    Much love to you all! Xo Laura

  3. Suzanne and Bryan – I love you both. I will be forever sad that you have had to endure this loss. I can say nothing except I am here. Lauren was a lucky girl to have such amazing parents. I am wrapping you in my prayers today.

  4. I never met Lauren on this earth but I’m sure we will meet in heaven. She seems to have gotten what Jesus came, died, and rose again for in her young years on this earth…to love God and love others. As a parent, I know her parents were so very proud of her…and continue to be. She was sent on a mission to show God’s love to others and I know she was smiling when she heard God say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant.” Praying for comfort for her parents, family, and friends because knowing she’s in a better place, the best place really, doesn’t make you miss her any less. Love to you all and honor to her Lauren. -BJ

  5. I miss her everyday knowing she is laughing at all the times I vent and talk to her..I know she is seeing autumn growing up still upset we didn’t spell her middle name like her’s….but I find sooo much peace knowing we will see her again one day! She is and will Always be my one and only BF

  6. Lauren’s smile was the sunshine on a cloudy day, the rainbow at the end of the storm, the cream in the coffee, and a witness to her love of God and her loving family. She lived totally all of her short life. She will never be forgotten by any of those of us who knew and loved her. She was an original, and we were blessed to have had her in our lives. Our prayer today, as always, is for peace for you all and your family as you miss your beautiful LaLa.

  7. I did some RAK’s today (random acts kindness) in you memory. We helped somebody today feel “Boot eh ful” at a beauty salon by giving a little extra toward them getting a new do, WE also let somebody enjoy getting their tan on today too, Did you know that the Oreo celebrate’s it 100Th birthday Friday? Well, I know a teacher that is having an Oreo party for her kindergartens Friday. I helped buy the Oreo’s for the party to help out the teacher on expenses It was wonderful to see her smile an appreciation. I know a lot of kiddos that are going to love those cookies too!! I also with each gift today gave out info on your foundation in hopes of spreading the word about LAF! I miss you so much, it was a very bittersweet day!! I much rather you to have been here physically….. I know you were spiritually I got your wink today too….While I was in one of the stores today I heard “our song” Your Beautiful……That you are gurly Boot eh full!!!
    PS. Will be hanging out with your brother today too!!

  8. Although Lauren and I were never close I always knew that I had a friend in her. She was there for me during one of the hardest times in my life. She was there with a smile and a hug that always made me feel better. I regret that we were never closer, but she was a blessing in my life all the same. I agree that loving her was as easy as breathing, she was so precious and I will always appreciate the extra time she took to notice my time of pain and do what she could to help. I pray that God fills you with the peace that passes all understanding and that her memory stays as close as a hug. Remember when you pray that it’s like knocking on a door that’s just not ready to be opened. Lauren is waiting there for you on the other side it’s just not your time to go in yet.

  9. Lauren continues to be a positive spirit in my life, as I reflect upon many positive, fun, spiritual times we shared. I can envision her leaping, jumping and praising the Lord in Heaven. How precious that we as believers share Resurrection Hope. Thanks for special memories!!!

  10. I miss you so much, that I don’t really know what to say about it. But even though you are somewhere else right now, you were still a part of all of our lives, and no matter what, nothing can take that away from us, and for that I am grateful. I still think about that smile now and again, that kind of smile that makes you smile when you see it! I love that I can just close my eyes and focus on that smile whenever i feel like everything is messed up. when I’m not sure about everything and I see crazy things going on all over the place, your last quote really hits me hard… and its true… sometimes people really are made for another world, we were all just lucky to have known you while you were in this one. I know that if anyone goes to a better place, you did. I hope I see you again one day.

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