Around the World

Wow…It has been a year since the LAF website was started.  A huge Thank You goes to Sean Dupre and Bryan Alston for setting it up and getting us rolling.  Sean has patiently answered all my questions and tutored me down this road of discovery on websites.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help.

 I was so excited to discover who had been looking at and reading post on LAF for the past year.   There have been over 6000 views from 48 different countries.

US with 4199 views

Canada with 57

United Kingdom with 46

Germany with 18

Ireland with 9

all the way down to Uruguay with 1

Some of the Countries I hadn’t heard of like…Mauritius and Montenegro.  Others I had like Russian Federation, Finland, Nepal, Singapore and Turkey…we are world-wide.

The Top Posts read were…of course the Home Page with 2576 views and About LAF with 508 views.

 But the top three that I wrote were… “Tattoos A Permanent Mark” with 337, “Loving for her was as easy as breathing” with 314 and “Hopes and Dreams” with 253.  

We also have 46 “Followers” and would love to have more.  If you are reading this and would like to be a Follower…just sign up with your email address, which will stay private, and you will get an email when a new blog has posted.

These are some amazing numbers…for the Lauren Alston Foundation.

Thank you for being there for us…for letting us express ourselves…for supporting us in providing scholarships for deserving college students and mission works of Love, Action and Faith.

We are blessed to call you friend…and Lauren was blessed to have so many loving friends in her life.


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