SFA Recipients 2014-15

We were unable to attend this year’s scholarship reception at Stephen F Austin State University that was held in late March.  We had picked two deserving young ladies and we wished we could have met them in person to learn more about their dreams for life after graduation.  Good Luck Ladies.

One, Samantha Harris, graduated in December 2014 and we wish her well in her post college life.

Ms. Samantha Harris

Ms. Samantha Harris

The second, Adrianna Damani, will be graduating with honors in May.  Adrianna is deciding if she wants to “garnish her degree” by attending either Johnson and Wales University or Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts.  Either of those courses will allow her to finalize her degree in baking and pastry arts.  Her goal is to one day own her own bakery.

Ms. Adrianna Damani

Ms. Adrianna Damani


One thought on “SFA Recipients 2014-15

  1. Congratulations on your discipline & efforts & sacrifices you girls have made for your Future careers !
    The Honor of you’all winning the scholarships is because of a Wonderful, Creative, Loving & Giving young lady, Lauren Alston !!! She is with us always & will cheer you’all on, in your Successful Futures, in God’s Loving directions & Favor. God’s Blessing’s to you both and Many Riches Returned to Bryan & Suzanne in their endeavors God will Restore to their Lives. We all Love you Bryan & Suzanne xo xo

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