A God Link

When walking my dog, Max, early on a crisp cool morning a few days ago, a really “talkative” older gentleman engaged me in conversation.  He was here in the RV park, in Fredericksburg where we are staying right now, for a few days after house hunting in Dallas.  His only son lived there and wanted he and his wife to move to Dallas from Mississippi to be close by.  He told me more about his life, wife and son.   After learning about his already selling their house, they loved their church and had so many wonderful friends where they lived, he thought they didn’t really want to move and leave all that behind.  I asked him if I could give him one piece of advice…he said yes.  I told him about losing my beautiful, smart, loving 21 yr old daughter and with tears streaming down my face I said… “Sir…Time is Precious…Especially with your Children”.  Tears came to his eyes and rolled down his cheek and he said…”I know…we lost a 10 yr old son in the 70’s… and you never forget… or get over it”.  I hope they move…

I also hope I was a God Link for him…the sign he needed to make that move.  There is a great book called “When God Winks at You” by Squire Rushnell.  It is about how God speaks directly to you through the power of coincidence.  When God uses someone else to speak to you that is called a God Link.

With Hope, suzanne


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