Nice Surprise

Bryan and I received a Thank You note from Laura Resendez in the mail this past week.  She is one of the scholarship recipients from the Lauren Alston Memorial Scholarship at Stephen F. Austin State University.  Both she and Rondrelle Sterling sent out their thank you notes after learning of receiving the scholarship this past spring.  This is a second note that Laura sent to us.

Here it is:


Dear Mr. Bryan & Mrs. Suzanne Alston,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of a scholarship; especially during these rough times.  This scholarship has helped my family and I greatly.  Having this strives me to do better in classes.  My GPA is getting better, and I just could not be where I am today from your support.  Many thanks!


Laura Resendez 

What a nice surprise to receive this note in the mail.  I think it shows us that we made the right decision in choosing Laura as one of the recipients.  Laura is from a single parent home, has siblings and works part time while attending school and full time in the summer to help fund her college education.


One thought on “Nice Surprise

  1. How I rejoice that the scholarship recepient was so thankful and expressed her gratitude to you.
    Also, this is a reminder to me that Lauren’s positive spirit lives on, in many ways, especially in this scholarship effort. grannie joy

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