Senior Sunday Poem

In our church there is something called Senior Sunday.  It is for all graduating High School Seniors that attend the church.  The Seniors take over the service for the day and perform all of the tasks…each taking a role in the service.  They greet people, take up the offering, sing, give the “sermon” and more.  It is a day for them to be recognized and shine in the spot light.

Lauren wanted to sing…she had a beautiful voice.  I was nervous for her as she hadn’t sang in front of a large group in several years… since she sang in musicals at the private christian school she and her brother attended.  I encouraged her to write a poem and recite it instead…she liked poetry too…so she rose to the occasion and that is what she did.

Lauren Sr Sunday 2006

In honor of all those graduating…whether it be High School, College or even Grade School…here are her words.  May you find encouragement and direction for your life.



Senior Sunday Poem   

Together we have been through it all

And together we all fall.

Christ brings us down on our knees

Christ, humble us, please.

How will we choose to measure our lives?

Will we try to fill it with lies?

Will we be some of the elite?

  -they never stop moving their feet-

Or will we gauge it in meaningful talks

And challenging walks, with God?

Get excited and look around

These are your brothers and sisters in Christ!

They will always be here

To help you through life.

And at the end of the day,

They are just a phone call away.

If you depend on God and your friends,

Does it really matter what life sends?

We pray we go far,

We pray we follow Your star,

We pray we go where ever You are.

  ~ Lauren Alizabeth Alston ~

Lauren Alston Senior Sunday 2006

Lauren Alston
Senior Sunday 2006




7 thoughts on “Senior Sunday Poem

  1. I guess I had forgotten that beautiful poem that she wrote. Very inspiring words, indeed! I know you miss your talented and gorgeous daughter. She was one in a million!

  2. I miss my beautiful friend…. The world has not been the same. Hug my little guy for me LaLa I’ll be there soon.

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