Vivian Lauren

Vivian Lauren Kirk 4-2016

Vivian Lauren Kirk

Vivian Lauren 4-2016

“Vivi Roo” and Bryan

Look at this precious bit of cuteness.  She is another special baby in our lives.  Meet Ms. Vivian Lauren Kirk.  We had a very lovely afternoon with her and her Mama, Emjay Kirk.  Emjay is a long time friend of Lauren’s and when she had Ms Vivi in January she did us the honor of naming her sweet bundle of joy after our precious girl.  I gave Vivian a yellow Feltman Brothers dress and under slip that Lauren wore as a baby, along with a pink blanket with crocheted trim my G-Mom made for Lauren.  Emjay was very moved and cried when she received these personal items of Lauren’s.   I also gave her a book and an owl hooded bath towel for when she was a bit bigger.  We shared “Lauren stories” and caught up on each others lives.  I got to feed Vivian her bottle, it had been awhile since I have done that and I had to be reminded to burp her…lol.  She was getting a little bit sleepy and so I got up and did the “Jasper Jiggle” on her to get her to sleep.  The “JJ” is a proven technique in the Jasper family, we all have the gift…lol, it is a rocking, bouncing, swaying motion.  She slept for about 20 minutes in my arms for a short cat nap.  She woke up a smiling happy girl.  Matter of fact she was a good baby the whole time we were there.  She smiled, did a little talking, like her Mama, and liked to stand up in your lap and look around.  We so enjoyed meeting Ms Vivian and look forward to watching her grow up.


Lauren and EmJay…one of my favorite pictures of them


Lauren and EmJay


2 thoughts on “Vivian Lauren

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Lauren’s spirit lives on. Also, how precious is the gift of friendship…grannie joy

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