Tears in the grocery store

I was in the cleaning aisle in the grocery store today.  I was looking at dishwasher detergents when a woman pulled her cart up beside me.  She was shopping and on her phone…she said, “Yes Mommy I am getting those for you and if you think of anything else call me back.  I love you Mommy.” To which I heard, “Thank you and I love you soooo much Honey” and I could really hear that love in her voice.  It really touched me deeply that this lady was in her mid to late 60’s and she is still calling her mother “Mommy”.  I assume her Mommy was in her late 80’s and what sweet music to her ears to still be called Mommy.  My eyes teared up hearing this sweet exchange between mother and daughter.

I still have this sticky note on my memo board that Lauren left me on 4/23/05…yes, she dated it on the back.  Yes, I’m still her Mommy.  And I love you soooo much Honey.



One thought on “Tears in the grocery store

  1. Sweet friends, our daughter’s continue to be our babies ( Noel is my youngest ) as we will always be Mommy & Mama. Music to my ears every time like you Suzanne hear a child, or adult call out Mama !!! As I wrote to my niece Jessica ” Memories like Treasures paint Living Jeweled murals on your Heart. Open & Cherish them often ” I also wrote on the day of Noel’s death this year
    ” Not just
    a Grieving Mother
    Only the knock
    on a locked door ”
    Love you all Suzanne & Bryan
    Our Angel’s in Heaven, now also have Heaven Birthdays

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