A Beautiful Rose

Our rose-bush didn’t bloom much this year… I don’t know why… I have never had rose bushes before.  We had just signed a contract to sell our home when Lauren passed away… we were planning to downsize and move out-of-town for a little while… but now we live here half the year in one of our rent houses… it has one lone, red rose-bush.  The first two years here we had bountiful, beautiful red roses on that bush… but this year only a few.   Some of the leaves turned yellow, with brown spots and started falling off…  I think it has a disease or bugs… it only bloomed a few roses.  I missed the color… the smell… and the beauty of those roses this year.  It made me think of the lovely poem that one of Lauren’s teachers wrote about her after her death.

wild red rose

March 21, 2010 

A Beautiful Rose

A seed was planted not so long ago that sprouted through the earth, welcoming herself into a new world. As her leaves developed her roots spread deep throughout the nurturing soil, gaining nutrition and a strong grip that would support her in life. She thrived on the sprinkling rains of love and kindness and endured the troublesome winds and heat as she grew. Through the years thorns formed that caused a few pricks of pain to those who loved and cared for her.

She always stood tall and straight as she stretched her branches to the sky reaching for her Master’s warmth and light. Soon buds formed that opened into a beautiful array of blooms that rejoiced her arrival into adulthood. Their beauty brought many smiles to those who passed by, some stopping to spend more time with her and enjoying the pleasures of her presence. She in turn nurtured many others with her sweet nectar of love for all.

Soon the Master Gardener decided to move her to a better spot in His heavenly kingdom. This way she could be surrounded by His angels and cared for in a special way. The hole that was made left a hole in our hearts, never to be completely filled. We will miss the beauty and radiance that she gave to us each day.

(I wrote this in my dreams last night. As I was finishing this Lauren came to me to say goodbye. I only really knew her for a semester at LHS when she was in my class, but she left an impact for life. My heart goes out to her family in this difficult time, but I know that she is now safely home. Thanks girl.)
James Schroeder,
Lufkin, Texas