Update on Lauren Lognion

I wanted to give you an update on Lauren Lognion…one of our Love, Action, Faith Scholarship Recipients.  She is about half way through her 11 month journey to 11 different countries.  She has been to Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia and is in India right now.   She has had many new life experiences and gotten to meet the “locals”…learn their cultures and ways…while she gets to show the love of Christ in different forms.  She has taught English to children at night, subbed in a Christian School during the day, worked in a coffee shop…where she was able to be meet the locals and share when God presented the opportunity.  In Australia she preformed community service by daily picking up trash in the community and held bible studies, worship services and sing alongs at night with the aboriginals and so many more unique life experiences.  She, and the team she is with on The World Race, are giving 11 months of service… an opportunity of a lifetime…with lessons on community service and love in action.  We think she and this trip represent what this particular scholarship was intended for.  In her thank you note she said she was going to carry our Lauren’s beautiful smile and love to all she meets…and we are honored for her to do so.

Below you will see one of her latest posts from her journey.

Lauren LognionLauren is on the right… in the purple shirt.


Posted in General Posts by Lauren Lognion on 1/15/2013

 I am in INDIA. It is month five of the race and starting to set in… Im away. Away from family, friends, target, the gap, comfort food.. Anything I would normally do when bored has been removed. Our internet access is very limited and going for a run is not an option. (unless I want to run with one of the men from my team and in pants.) All that being said.. it is worth it. Im a planner, always have been. Always wanting to know the next step to take and don’t want to waste anytime getting there. So as God continues to make my love and passion for the children and youth in America more and more clear I find myself wondering why wait until I return in August to begin. Why am I still here? on the race.. traveling around the world, when I could be back in the states working with the youth? I am almost 24 and no where near reaching any of the “goals” I had set for myself. What am I doing? I am Stuck! and God said.. yep! That is exactly right! You are stuck and finally sitting still. You, Lauren, don’t have the answers, you don’t even know all the questions to ask, and that’s exactly where you should be. “Be Still and know that I am God” As badly as I would like to skip ahead and get to the next step, start working and begin, God has me exactly where he wants me. It is uncomfortable and confusing but because I cant answer the questions I find myself going to Him even more. So this month on the race has been hard and not because of the squatty potties and bucket showers but because that control Ive talked about giving up for so long.. is gone. I have spent more time than ever listening to God and allowing him to be my teacher and comforter. This race is one unique journey and I am blessed to have such a patient God walk along side with me and point me in the right direction when I find myself stuck.

LAF gives to Lauren Lognion’s World Race

 We are happy to announce that we have sent monetary support to Lauren Lognion’s World Race.  

Below you can read an exert from the First United Methodist Church bulletin about her 11 month 11 country world race.  We know Lauren from church, and she is a friendly and outgoing young woman with a love of people and God.

“On September 5th I will be leaving to begin The World Race.  The World Race is an 11 month  mission trip, each month moving to a new country allowing me to serve “the least of these” across the world in various ways while living in their real and raw community.  My team and I will partner with local churches and ministries and our work will vary each month from working in orphanages and schools to digging wells and building homes.  To be a part of the World Race I am required to raise $15, 500 which will be used to fund my travel and most importantly to help the communities which we will become part of.  Having to accept that I cannot pay this money on my own has shown me that God’s plan cannot be accomplished by one person alone.  I grew up in this church and this summer I am serving as the Youth Intern.  I can’t say that I am surprised to see the beauty of the Church coming together to support me and God’s mission, because that is what this body of Christ does!  Instead I am humbled…the Church has helped me with a garage sell raising $2000 and held a luncheon last Sunday raising over $800, not to mention the many personal donations.  I am now $6500 away from being fully funded.  I am truly blessed to be part of such a loving church family and excited to begin this adventure serving the Lord and walking daily relying on His love to provide.  For updates while I am away please visit my blog at   laurenlognion.theworldrace.org              Lauren Lognion”

You can also go to that site and read more about Lauren’s life, her family, her beliefs and to make an online donation if you like to help her make this trip.  You can also sign up to be a “follower” of her blog… as you can with mine.  We wish her safety and God’s blessings on this life changing journey…not only for her but for those she comes in contact with.