I would give ANYTHING

I would give ANYTHING

to hear her voice again

to hear her laughter

to get the excited phone call about her first “adult” job… after her college graduation

to hear the excitement in her voice as she told me… she had found “the One”

to go with her and watch her pick out… her perfect wedding dress

to see her proud dad walk her down the aisle

to hear her tell me… she is expecting her first child

to see that grandchild be born and her eyes shine… as she falls in love with that special gift

to see her grow into a beautiful, happy, loving, giving wife and mother

to hear her “fuss” about her 30th…40th…50th birthdays and beyond

to console her as her children leave the nest

I would give ANYTHING 

for another day with her

to hold her

to hug her

to see her smile

to tell her how much I loved her

I would give ANYTHING and EVERYTHING  

Lauren Pic by Saray