Class Reunion

Lufkin High School Class of 2006

This year is the 10 year reunion for the Class of 2006…Lauren’s class.  I can’t help but wonder where she would be living…what she would be doing…would she go to the Reunion and see her classmates.  As friendly and outgoing as she was…I’m sure she would have gone to the reunion…to catch up with the classmates she lost touch with and see the friends she had stayed in contact with…to share the memories of the past and to hear of their future plans for life…  But… that is not to be.  Wonder if they will have a special table with pictures of those who have passed away since graduation?  Sadly, there will be 3 of those classmates, that I personally know them and/or their parents, who would be on that table….

Lauren Alston…Patrick Scott…Adam Culbertson

….gone but not forgotten… by many.  Not forgotten because these kids were outgoing, friendly, liked to laugh and joke around, “never met a stranger” kind of kids.  I’m sure the reunion will not be as much fun or as loud without them there…their laughter will not be ringing out in the crowd…their hugs will be missed.  I’m sure there will be a few tears…as some hear of their passing for the first time… tears as they share memories of those friends… but hopefully tears of joy, love and laughter as they remember the good times they had with their missing classmates.  I hope they will carry our kids in their hearts and try to live life to the fullest and spread love, joy, peace and laughter like our kids did.

I hope there aren’t more pictures on that table… but there probably is with such a large graduating class.  I pray for those families…for God to give them strength and grace to face their lives without their precious ones…to remember the fun, happy times with their child…to look at pictures of them and be able to smile…that for more days than not, the goodness and love of their child will outshine the sadness of their loss.  Prayers, Love and Hugs to you…from me.

** 9/29/2016*

 I was made aware of these students from the class of 2006.  Please pray for their families. Amanda Proctor,  Joy Wiseman,  Melissa Brown,  Megan Hairston,  JaCory Murphy,  Ben Bradford,  Jay Durham,  AJ Darks and  Martin Padierna.

Inspiring Women ~ The Journey Magazine Article

I got to stand with two beautiful women who inspire me to keep going and keep looking up.

Joy Scott Killam and Tricia Chambers

   The Journey Magazine August 2012

 Our lives will never be the same…us three…we are now members of a group no one wants to join…we lost a beloved child.   I am the “oldest one” in the group…with 29 months behind me…but the pain is still real… can come over me in waves… will never go away… but it is less raw… I feel like I am finally starting to catch my breath again and come out of the fog.  One thing we have learned is…there is no right or wrong way to deal with this…it is a life long journey…we are each on the same path but will walk it differently.   Each child… Lauren… Patrick… Taylor… was different…and so are we…so will be the way we can and will deal with our grief…but some parts are universal.   We cry for what we lost…we long for another day with our child…to hold them….to hear their laughter…to rejoice in their accomplishments….and yes…even to scold their misbehavior.  And us three…we look forward to the day we will see them again…in Heaven…because we have the hope that comes from… our salvation and their’s… in Jesus Christ our Lord.