Peace, Love, LAF

Sunday, November 16th, 2014 was a bitter, cold day in Nacogdoches, Texas… but that didn’t stop them… they bravely faced the cold journey ahead… ready to start running so they could get warm.  They had a purpose… a reason… and a goal. Some of the runners had different reasons for the race but they all had the same goal. Some of the reasons were… to challenge themselves… to get into better shape…to try a new sport… to finish the race.  Their common goal was to raise funds for LAF.

Our friend Ragin contacted us about 2 months before with an idea to raise funds for LAF.  There was a half marathon run scheduled for November in the Piney Woods of East Texas and he was gonna participate.  Ragin is from this ‘neck of the woods’ but has been living in the Hill Country for a while… and was eager to run back home.  Part of the race was to be run through the beautiful campus of SFA… and he thought of Lauren.  He wanted to invite friends to join him and raise funds for LAF.  Soooo… he gathered friends and they all gathered pledges… so much $$ per mile… or so much $$ for completing the race.  They worked together to name the team… Peace, Love, LAF and to design t-shirts for the race.  One ran the half marathon… that is 13.1 miles folks… and the others ran the 5K… 3.1 miles and that is a big feat for a new runner.  They donned their t-shirts and even had some of the other runners ask the meaning behind the shirt.  They also pointed to their shirts along they way to make sure the “official race photographer” got shots of their shirts.  And of course as they passed other runners and spectators along the route…they too saw the logo and website address for LAF.  In the days following the race we saw an increase in the number of visitors to our website.   I’m proud of all these friends…old and new…for enduring the cold, wet conditions that day… for finishing the race!!!… for raising funds for scholarships… for helping us spread the word about LAF.  Thank You Team Peace, Love, LAF you raised over $600.

Team Peace, Love, LAF  

Half Marathon: Ragin Cornelius

5K’ers: Cecilia Cornelius, Russell Harvey, Jordan Johnson, Keith Johnson, Kevin Lambing and Eddie Pepper  

Team Support:  Sean Dupre’ and Paula Korn