A Handmade Book

The Front Cover

The Front Cover

Growing up I never had a desire to “be anything” but a Momma/Mother.  I loved children and baby sat often…but I wanted kids of my own one day.  Now I was scared to give birth to them…because I was a young bride at nineteen.  Bryan and I were married just over 5 years before our first child showed up… Lauren Alizabeth… then 21 months later… on our 7th anniversary William Taylor tried to arrive but decided he wanted his own day… so the next day “baby come out”.  Lauren used to pat my belly and tell that to the baby inside.  I wish the stork would have brought them…it would have been easier than birthing them… but I am so thankful the Lord blessed us with two children.

Some of the picture pages

Some of the picture pages

I enjoyed being a stay at home Mom for many years…I loved to take care of my family…cook meals…go on field trips with the kids…make their lunches for school.  Yes…I did it for many, many years…matter of fact, through their High School years…right up to graduation.  They “didn’t like the food” or they” didn’t have enough time to eat”… because they had to stand in line too long to even get their food.  Whatever the reason… I didn’t mind… I really did enjoy it.  I used that as an opportunity to put little notes in their brown bags.  Like when they had a test coming up…”You are smart, you got this”…or a baby snicker bar with “You make me Snicker”… or “I’m so proud of you” when they passed their driving test… or inspirational quotes.

Just a few pages of the notes

While at college, a couple of years before Lauren passed away, she gave me a priceless gift.  You see she had saved lots of those little notes I had put in her lunch on most days.  She made me a book with a small collection of the notes, pictures of us, some notes I had written  her at church camp and some quotes… and all done in her handwriting.   I was so surprised and thrilled to see she had saved the notes and taken the time to make me such a personal gift.

 One note she wrote me:

The personal note

The personal note


You are such a special woman, mother and friend.  

Thank you for the great advice you have given me over the years.

The notes you have put in my lunch mean so much to me and I want you to have them.

                 The advice they contain is priceless; the memories they hold are priceless;

               to me, you are the most priceless of all.

              I love you Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day.  


The last page...she drew it...she believed.

The last page…she drew it…she believed.

No, Lauren….you were the priceless one, that God blessed me with.

 It was an honor and a privilege to be your Mother.

I love you to Heaven and Back.

Poem on the back of the book.

Poem on the back of the book.