Paying it forward…In action

  • We received several notes and messages from friends and family who performed Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) in memory of Lauren…they made us laugh… smile… and they warmed our heart.  Every single act, be it big or small, can have a huge impact on someone’s day or even life…and maybe even yours too.        

    Shelby Portwood and Lauren

    Shelby and Lauren

    A sweet note I received from a good friend of Lauren’s…Shelby Portwood.

    * I have to tell you about how special and wonderful your daughter is.  Yesterday, I was trying to think of an awesome random act of kindness, and all day I just couldn’t decide what to do.  I had a massage scheduled and just decided that I would leave the masseuse a nice tip.  A few hours later I was sitting at the bar, in the restaurant that I work at, when out of the blue the masseuse and his wife came in and had dinner.  My friend/co-worker waited on them; she’s a single mom of two who works two jobs.  She came over later to tell me about this nice couple who left her an awesome tip, just when she needed it.  Paying it forward, in action.  I know a lot of sadness comes from not having her physically here, but I believe, wholeheartedly, that her spirit and her kindness can still touch even those who didn’t get the chance to meet her.*

    Some of the posts I received on RAK’s done in Lauren’s memory are:

    Roy A.  ~ I sent cards to cheer some suffering folks!!! Love u Suz!! and Bryan

    Ben O.  ~ I’m taking my class on a charity walk today to benefit victims of the earthquake in China…and the sun is shining!

    *Ben is a 1st cousin to Lauren, who is a teacher living in Hong Kong, and he also participated in Outward Bound Adventure Race…a test of brains and brawn, where the participants ran, swam, kayaked and answered quick-fired questions…on the 15-19 km race around Hong Kong Island.  Monies raised are used to help underprivileged groups take part in outdoor and adventure programs.  Ben said…”I ran faster…for Lauren”.                          

    Ben Owens in Outward Bound Adventure Race 2013

     Ben is on the far right… “006B”

    John J.  ~ Giving Heaven booklet to several recent grieving family members.

    Andrea W.  ~ Left pennies last night at the horse, sent a surprise to Georgia for Chase, and working on another one right now.
    *Andrea is a 2nd cousin to Lauren, who lives in Colorado, and for several years now she and her sweet daughter, Lianna, randomly leave pennies at the supermarket “horse ride” so other children can ride for free…imagine those kiddos squeals at finding pennies for a free ride on the horse…makes me smile…what a fun RAK….wish we had penny horses in Texas.

    Andrea, Kevin & Lianna
    Please send me a message when you perform a RAK in Lauren’s memory…we would love to hear the “who, where and why” of your act.  Thank you for continuing Lauren’s legacy of reaching out to others.

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