Mallory Vipond ~ SFA 2012-13

Suzanne Alston, Mallory Vipond and Bryan Alston

Suzanne Alston, Mallory Vipond and Bryan Alston

We enjoyed meeting Mallory Vipond who is the 2012-13 SFA Lauren Alston Memorial Scholarship recipient.  She is a lovely young woman who smiled frequently.  When we first met her my eyes went to her pretty face and then straight to her neck…yes, her neck.  Mallory had on the exact same James Avery cross that I wear everyday that was Lauren’s and she wore almost everyday too…and she had it on when she had her accident.  Mallory’s mom gave her the cross necklace when she graduated from high school…another God wink.

Mallory will be a Senior this fall and is leaning toward being an Event Planner but after taking some Hotel/Motel management classes she enjoyed…she is investigating that avenue also.  She is from New Braunfels and after visiting with her we found how much we have in common and that we might could have “run across” each other before.  We go to the New Braunfels area often and we all liked eating at some of the same restaurants…going to Gruene Hall to listen to live music… the same bands and local stores.  Mallory told us about going to interview at the SFA Alumni Association for a summer job and that they told her about Lauren and how the scholarship was started.  She had tears in her eyes as I told her about the matching James Avery cross we both wear.  I told her what a God wink was and how it confirmed we had picked the right recipient…her.  We told her to stay in touch and we wished her all the best life has to offer.


One thought on “Mallory Vipond ~ SFA 2012-13

  1. How precious that you so freely share God winks. How great that for confirms your choice of Mallory. In His Hope, grannie joy

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