A memory letter in the mail

Is was a pleasant surprise to find a memory letter in the mail after we returned from Florida.  It was from a Sunday School teacher of Lauren’s at First United Methodist Church.  These letters are what a parent…who has lost a child…longs to receive and are a cherished treasure.  Along with the letter was a very nice donation… to continue Lauren’s legacy of helping other.

Suzanne and Bryan Alston,

I read the article in the Charm magazine about the wonderful things you are doing in your daughter’s memory,  I was so pleased to find your contact information.  I had been wanting to let you know that I did not hear about what happened to Lauren until almost a year after the accident.  Even then, I didn’t put it together that it was Lauren.  I’m Debbie Adkins.  We attended First United Methodist Church and I had the honor of teaching Sunday School with Scott for three years.  I was blessed to be with these kids and you daughter for her 9th, 10th and 11th grade years.  Can’t believe I got to have access to these amazing kids for that long.  Your daughter though, so smart, bright, independent and sure!!  I remember that being such a great group of girls.  My daughter Ashley had attended Hudson, but we moved to Central Heights her senior year.  We drove and attended church there the next two years but I stayed with the Junior group when they became seniors.  I remember Lauren being so sure of her faith.  She had a beautiful working knowledge of the word and was always giving suggestions or guidance to others.  It was during these years that I was so blessed in return.

 I hated that I didn’t know, didn’t go the memorial service or have a way to let you know that not only did Lauren touch my life, but she was so loving and supportive, in her confident way, to so many in Sunday School.  She truly was an example of how you could be happy with yourself, rely on your faith and carry on.  No doubt those assets are you as well.  Just wanted to touch base and finally get the chance to let you know and wanted to offer some donation toward her memory.

Debbie Adkins

FUMC Senior Class of 2006.  None of them had their honor cords  or neck sashes on because they hadn't arrived yet.

 FUMC Senior Class of 2006.   Lauren is second from the left on the bottom.   None of them had their honor cords or neck sashes on because they hadn’t arrived yet.



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